Code of Conduct

I will strive to conduct myself during my campaign and as your Supervisor by continuing to renew my intention that I am doing this to be a public servant and to serve the interests of my constituents, first and foremost.

Better Myself

I will strive to better myself by listening to my mentors and those with experience and through consultation given by my constituents and staff.

Resolute in Decisions

I will strive to make decisions and votes after having weighed the pros and cons and whatever decision I will make I will not waver and know that it is the best decision.

Actively Research New Ideas

I will strive to actively think outside the box to create new ideas and policies to better the District and County.


I will strive to ensure that I will campaign and legislate with honesty to myself, first and foremost, and to all of those around me and those that may be affected by my decisions.

Instilling my code

I will strive to instill this Code during my campaign with all my campaign staff and legislative staff to observe these codes.

Meet your expectations

I will always strive to meet your expectations and ask that you always voice your expectations of me and know that I will always listen.

I will always take full responsibility for my actions and the actions of my staff.
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